7 Green Hacks for the Modern World

Without the right view, Los Angeles can seem anything but green. That, however, is exactly why you, the proud Angeleno need to step up to the challenge of sustainable living.

You're already taking one important step by transforming your transportation with Prazo, but we've collected a few more hints to stay sustainable when you're not behind the wheel.

1) Repurposed Bottles and Cans

Straight to the recycling bin? Maybe. But do you find yourself filling up new bottles and store-provided tupperware, rather than buying in bulk and transferring at home? Simply stick to the odd used wine bottle, or glass jar. The latter isn't just for hippies and hipsters anymore...you'll reap the storage, sustainable and aesthetic rewards!

2) Grow Your Own

Have a window ledge or a little light-soaked space? High time you picked up some seeds, repurposed a cool container and got to growing your favorite herb and veggies!

3) Cleaning Products From the Cupboard

Vinegar: That's right, Vinegar! Want a sparkling result without resorting to something chemical-heavy? Give your dishes a vinegar dip.

Baking Soda: Okay, don't mix this with the vinegar, but baking soda is another exceptional aid for scrubbing away stains. You can even brush your teeth with it...if you want...

4) Bar Soap Wrappers Resplendent

If you don't buy bar soap, it's probably time to start. Not only does it make for a solid, lasting answer to germ control, it's also aromatic! And not just for your palms and digits. Unwrap bar soap immediately and stick the wrapper in with your clothes for a clean scent. Unwrapped soap also hardens, which lets it last longer.

5) Razors To Last

Maybe you've already made the leap to one of those monthly shave options and you're riding high, unburdened from your years of shaving with dull, dangerous blades. Maybe you're still breaking the bank to shape your natural facial raiment. Maybe you've gone electric... If you're still not plugging in for a smooth face, use a denim jacket or jeans to keep your razors sharp! And add to your ohsoauthentic distressed look...

6) Binder Clips Fix All

From propping up footless keyboards to creating DIY workflow charts that don't require the questionable longterm efficacy of sticky notes, old binder clips can keep your cash from going towards needless expenses like buying brand new and consequently chucking your old but still usable office items.

7) Roll Up Your Gadgetry

Have you heard the one about how everybody poops? Well, be that as it may, but not everyone (bidet users excepted) utilizes toilet paper rolls like they oughta! They're great storage for your little gadgets and cordage.

PrazoNow's Guide to Koreatown

Welcome to LA! Prazo is your number one travel buddy, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on all things LA. First stop: Korea Town.


K-BBQ. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about K-town’s biggest hit, K-BBQ. Shredded beef (“bulgogi”) and spare ribs (“kal-bi”) are common favorites, but feel free to order the pork belly (“samgyeopsal”) if you’re feeling adventurous. Check out a few of our favorite spots (but keep in mind, you might have to wait in line):

Honey Pig

Talk about sweet and savory! When it comes to Korean BBQ, what else do you need?

3400 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Read what people are saying: https://www.yelp.com/biz/honey-pig-los-angeles

Quarters Korean BBQ


Image courtesy of The Minty

465 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Read what people are saying: https://www.yelp.com/biz/quarters-korean-bbq-los-angeles

Bulgogi Hut

Ff you're in the market for shredded beef, you're probably in the market for at least a hut's worth of it. Hence: Bulgogi Hut.

3600 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 100C
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Read what people are saying: https://www.yelp.com/biz/bulgogi-hut-los-angeles-3

Tofu-soup. If you want an extra authentic experience, we’ve got another dish for you: Korean traditional tofu soup (“soon-dubu”). It’s just as popular, if not more so, among the local crowd. Korean cuisine isn’t just K-BBQ, so do yourself a favor and give some of these tofu houses a try:

BCD Tofu House


Tofu Soup, via CitySearch

Pictured above! Mmmm. You can see the kick before you taste!

869 S Western Ave
Ste 2
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Read what people are saying: https://www.yelp.com/biz/bcd-tofu-house-los-angeles-2?osq=BCD+Tofu+House

Young Dong Tofu House


Courtesy of Yelp user Sun K.

3828 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Read what people are saying: https://www.yelp.com/biz/young-dong-restaurant-los-angeles

Tofu and Noodles. At most tofu houses you can find other traditional dishes as well. We highly recommend branching out – you’ll thank us later.

Mixed Rice Bowl (“bi-bim-bap”). Finally, America has caught on and people are raving about the Korean mixed rice bowl. You can find this dish almost anywhere, and for good reason. Order the “hot pot” rice bowl (“dol-sot-bi-bim-bap”) and it will come out in a hot stone bowl – it keeps the dish hot and makes the rice extra crispy.


Easy as Bi-Bim-Bap!

Glass noodles (“japchea”). Korean glass noodles are amazing, when they’re prepared well. They are served cold and compliment the previous dishes perfectly. But ask your server if they recommend the “japchea,” because not chef knows how to make it right.


As if food wasn't enough fun for you! Well, once you're sated, let the flavors settle in with a few other indulgences:

Two words: karaoke room (“no-reh-baang”). Popular in Korea for decades, karaoke rooms have become a staple in Korean communities everywhere. Unlike its American counterparts, Korean karaoke bars give each party a personal room to fill with songs of your choice. Waiters take drink orders and serve them to you in your personal karaoke room. It’s a great place to start out your night with a group of friends.


Bath houses (“jim-jil-baang”). Bath Houses are a common sight across Korea, but are a bit harder to find in LA. For a traditional bath house experience, check out Wi Spa, just east of Korea Town. It’s an experience you’ll have to see to believe. Just don’t be shy about nudity – the spa’s regulars certainly aren’t. (Fair warning: you might want to read up on Korean bathhouses before you make the commitment. It’s worth it, but it might not be for everyone.)

Live the PrazoNow Life

Picture yourself seated in a mid-city dealership. A well-meaning representative is facing you, extravagantly upright on the other side of a busily curated desk. You watch cars headed in both directions zip through the soft, hazy, unrelenting Los Angeles sun. Myriad hidden costs pile up in paperwork. Not to mention that hour one is steadily becoming hour two and your Saturday is slipping away.

While your representative goes to check a few numbers with some ill-defined higher-up, you check your phone and book movie tickets for an hour later than you’d planned, then a send a related, apologetic text. You sigh and calculate the time remaining, plus the time you’ll spend stuck in inexplicable, mile-long jams on the 110 just to get home. You steel your reserves to the seemingly endless hassle of car possession; you’re pretty sure the freedom is worth it.

But what if you weren’t sitting in a dealership? What if schlepping 45 minutes just to plow three miles into the sprawl’s plodding heart wasn’t a necessary undertaking in order to take control of your mobility? Instead, let’s say you’re stretching under a shady overhang, taking in a slow, warm California morning, sipping something invigorating and planning your day. Confident -- if you had to consider it that is -- that you’d be hard-pressed to describe the inner workings of a car lot, or even the least bad route to the nearest one.

Next, imagine yourself venturing up the Pacific coast. Pulling off the highway somewhere in-between obvious populations. You’re not thinking about the dust building up on your vehicle or an upcoming oil change; you’re not thinking about the limitations of tank capacity or suffering from the nagging suspicion that the camping gear you borrowed may have seen better days. And, if any concerns do begin to dampen your day, you know the answer is always, literally, at hand.

At PrazoNow we consider ourselves your collective car concierge; your accomplice in the future of car ownership. That is, we want to introduce the ease and service you’d expect from a luxury hotel desk or, well, an app, to your driven experience.

When you subscribe to PrazoNow, you’re taking control of an asset, not taking on a burden. We’ve done away with the expected drawbacks: The trips back to the dealership, the hours spent waiting for an oil change, the stress over a vague mechanical issue you’re fairly sure no one quite grasps the severity of… Plus we’ve packaged that peace of mind with a steady stream of discounted swag and straight up free stuff.

With PrazoNow, you’ll get used to the perks of great gear, advice on the city’s best spots and the ease of immediate help with unseen vehicular issues…it’s still a car after all. Basically, we’re here to enhance your lifestyle, while taking care of the concerns that can derail your plans. What good is planning an adventure if the journey there threatens to prevent it?

“Disruption” gets thrown around a lot these days, but we like to think true disruption happens when hassle gives way to service and that service can be taken for granted. So wherever your road must go, stop dreading the dealership and harness the power and freedom of PrazoNow. All you need to remember is to let us worry about the rest.

4 Ways to Get A Great Deal

You don’t like bad deals, do you? No? Great! But wait, are you satisfied with merely a good deal? Yes? Hmm. Don’t be... In any situation, even if it’s unrealistic to expect this, you should, in your heart of hearts, strive for the best possible outcome. Obviously, right? But when it comes to car deals, that obvious goal may not be achieved so easily. If you’re going in cold, you’re allowing a series of unforeseen consequences to chronically affect the term of your lease.

But we won’t accept that outcome for you. So here’s a crash course on how not to succumb:

1)    Pick the correct car

With PrazoNow, of course, this is easy: We offer the excellent Fiat 500e. Simple decision. However, generally speaking, make sure to choose an appropriate car for your needs. Never forget that you’re leasing a tool, not a toy. And sure, unlike buying, leasing doesn’t necessarily tether you to one car for the foreseeable future, but this is still an investment, so choose wisely.

2)    Research before you go

Research, that’s the name of the game. Use resources like Kelley Blue Book and Consumer Reports to find the fair market value for the car you want to lease. “Before” is always the best time to learn exactly what you ought to be paying.

3)    Know your costs

Once you've decided to lease from PrazoNow, shored up your ability to fund that car and consider yourself ready to get to signin’ and drivin’…consider again. Make sure you’re not the only one who’s aware of how much you want and ought to be paying per month. Get a quote upfront and stick with it.

4)    Eliminate Ambiguity

There are plenty of ways to keep things transparent, even if the sheer volume of decisions is intimidating. First rule: keeping asking questions. If there’s anything murky about the term sheet…Clear. It. Up. Second rule: don’t rely on what you assume to be true. Even if the answer turns out to be exactly what you thought, well, you know that saying about assumptions… This applies to mileage, lease length option and really anything else that’s susceptible to the lurking threat of hidden costs.

4 Reasons Plug-In Electrics Are Awesome

We love plug-in electric cars and you should too! In fact, as someone viewing this page, you probably already do. But, whether you’re seeking validation, or actually need a healthy dose of convincing, here are some of our favorite aspects of the electric lifestyle.

1)    A smooth, quiet experience

Before you even set foot to pedal, you’re fully immersed. Push-button start? How did we possibly start cars before this? And, once you’re actually on the road, the direct-to-wheels power delivery provides the type of smooth, thrilling ride you can only imagine until you’ve experienced.

2)    Acceleration

Once you’ve given yourself over to the thrills of hitting the highway, living the dream and such, you’ll also notice the improved acceleration. Any decent California driver knows the importance of lane hopping, and electric vehicles boast the instantaneous torque to maximize your darting ability.

3)    Costs? What costs?

Well, okay, some costs. But thanks to the increasing accessibility to home and workplace recharging given the cheap, ubiquitous nature of electricity, the cost of operation is often a third, and sometimes even a quarter, of what you’d pay per mile for just gasoline. And, when you do visit the pump, your visit will be quicker and cheaper.

4)    Eco = awesome

Earth wasn’t saved in a drive, but the spread of electric vehicles helps cut the smog and cleanse the air. And, as demonstrated above, they’re more fun anyway… Fun and planetary improvement form an unassailable duo. It’s as simple as that.

5 Reasons Not to Buy A Car

You know the story: a new car starts bleeding value the moment it comes off the lot. It’s a short story, but it’s not something we at PrazoNow think you should even spend a second worrying about. Ultimately, a car is a tool. You need to get somewhere; you don’t need to be dragged down and delayed with the ramifications of that trip, short or long term. Luckily, there’s always the leasing life, which boasts a multitude of benefits, the following are just a few:

1)    Corral Your Cost

Whether your concern is immediate depreciation, maintenance responsibilities or the pain of working through the boondoggle of paperwork known as financing, leasing provides cost-effective freedom from the tribulations of the sunk-cost endeavor that is “outright” car ownership. Leasing allows you to not only pay less, but also eliminate certain costs, like upkeep, altogether.

2)    Buy into a lifestyle boost, not a mythos

The allure of car ownership is largely the allure of an archetype. Car owners grip the world under their tires…you, the self-made, the owner, bastion of autonomy! But once you squeeze yourself into the car owner’s quagmire of hidden costs and intrinsic concerns, you’ll find there isn’t much freedom of movement at all. When you lease, you’re securing an ability to choose, rather than affixing an anchor to your driveway.

3)    Tax Time!

Maybe you need a car for work and buying seems like the more reasonable option, after all, you can write those payments off. Well, you guessed it: the entrepreneurial lessee not only has the ability to write off the expense, she can write it off for nearly six times the amount in some cases.

4)    A Streamlined Experience

To buy a car, as we’ve covered above, is to be saddled with an intricate web of financial obligations manifested as one big sunk cost. It’s a one-time transaction, not the start of a productive relationship. Typically, manufacturers offer competitive, fast and straightforward leasing packages to entice new customers to become repeat customers. Take advantage of that lust for loyalty!

5)    Upgrade With Ease (Or Don’t)

Once you’re done with a lease, you can be done with that car. Maybe the new model is doing what new models do: sparkling invitingly, seemingly packed with utterly necessary new features… Now imagine having to rely on the aforementioned, grossly depreciated anchor you’ve rolled in on to fund that glittering dream. If you’ve ever tried to trade in and upgrade a vehicle, you know the struggle. And, if not, congratulations, never trouble yourself with the ultimately disappointing worth of your car and live an illuminated life, lease in hand.